Welcome to BaySide Angelfish!

We are freshwater angelfish breeders located in Bay City Michigan. Our goal is to provide a higher quality angelfish then you can find in your local pet stores and raise the awarness and standards in the area so you will know a better angelfish is out there.

By selecting and raising the best young angelfish from around the country from the industries top professional breeders we are able to select our breeding stock for attributes that you do not normaly see at the area pet stores. These would be qualities such as much better disease resistance, correct fin and body shape, color display, and overall health. The fish we sell have been raised in our local water straight from the tap with no modifications to the pH so they will have a lower chance of shock when you take them home.

For the current fish store owners out there. You too can have a better angelfish available for your customers. We will gladly work with you to get you the best price on larger orders. You will be able to aquire a healthier product that stays alive when they get to your store and long after your customers purchase them. Contact us for details.

We also ship our fish through out the US year round. There is no minimum order at this time, but availability is limited. Please see our Shipping Policies page for more details.


Matt LaPlant
BaySide Angelfish
Bay City, MI 48706
Email: MattL AT eamstamps DOT com